Yoga – a concept, a need, a result

Life problems and path to solutions –

Ascertain yourself what are the present pressing problems of your life – physical, psychological, family, social, economical or spiritual – prioritise an immediate need – think of them on everyday and every minute basis till the resolution –

Influence of Seven Dimensions in life –

there are seven dimensions in life that may influence every individual at every moment which need to be taken care of according to the priority – Health, wealth, Career, Education ( knowledge and skill ), relationships ( attitude and behaviour ), lifestyle ( the desired lifestyle one wants to achieve ), Philosophy ( the purpose of life at every stage of life )

 keep mind cool, focused , concentrated, contemplated, or meditated depending on the intensity of the problem. Plan the targets short or long time and execute with precision – review. Here the determination starts to keep strong the body and mind with complete nature’s order to achieve any other dimension in life. Hence the individual needs, decided and determined to do yoga.

The meaning of Yoga –

Yoga means slowing down or holding back the response of brain towards body through stimulus response and releasing the same at will in a prioritised way.

Hold the thoughts –

As of the state of the normal being the countless thoughts spring out as a fountain based on knowledge, experience and the present survival needs. They are uncontrollable and many thoughts come out without voluntary effort but as a reflex action from the brain.

This semiconscious reflex thinking that needs to be slowed down and apparently stop till the absolute voluntary control of the thoughts begins from the brain.

Feel, experience, think

Consciously recognise this reflex activity of the brain through careful and constant of observation of its activity with a focus on stimulus coming to the body and pulsating heart. Pulsating heart can be slowed down through the observation and slowing down of the breath. These two activities can be effected by asana and pranayama.

Process of  reaching the source of your thought and reflex –

We called reaching the voluntary level of the brain from its reflexive stimulus – response. This is achieved only when you reach the center or core or source of the brain from where all the nervous activity and pulsation of the brain begins and expands to the body stimulus.

This stage is called the existence of the mind in its own natural state without any impulsive and reflexive distractions. This is the first stage of evolution and the objective of all the stages of physical yoga.

Transcendental state of mind in its own natural state –

This stage in complete form is called the interface between the physical existence and existence beyond awareness and activity. This is the stage between life and death. The transcendental state of consciousness beyond mind is called super – conscious in scientific terms and spiritual in religious parlance.All rituals in every religion are directed to reach this state of mind.

Sanatana Dharma – Evolution of mind –

But Yoga practices in Sanatana Dharma is unique and scientific, practical in the evolution of the mind. Evolution of mind is natural in all living beings through its own unconscious and time taking process that led to the evolution of human mind. But through yoga human mind reaches its core of existence through conscious, evolving and skill full ritualistic practice.

Meditating on God or Nature or Self ?

All the religions including majority people of Hindu religion practice prayer as a ritual which is the middle stage of the yogic path. This prayer or concentrating the mind is directed or contemplated on a force beyond and outside human existence. Sanatana dharma speaks of conscious opening of  your mind to the external forces of nature and gradually turning this towards inner conscious state of mind

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