Thinking and doing

Thinking is with the mind and it is continuous

doing is with the body and need to do in chunks or parts

Though all the doing is from thinking all thinking cannot be translated into action

The mind in its deepest layers functions in isolation

conversion of thought into action requires careful persistence of the mind to put it into action

any thinking is generated from the feelings evolving out of stimulus and response

The impulse thus created starts a reaction in the glands to evoke emotion

the emotion gets converted into bleak thoughts

The thoughts more concentrated will collect the words for expression

The expression when becomes deeper and stronger desires for action or doing

The depth of thinking decides the potential of the action

The thoughts that are generated from the beginning of the mind will vibrate the whole of the being compared to the superficial thoughts

think from the deep and act quickly from the periphery to achive the quick results

Prakash Rao Sunchu


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