Choice vs Chance

Being born is an incident and the life between is choice

It is the design of your life if executed will take you to the desired targets

the destiny is what you feel, express, desire, plan and achieve

The Chance has no meaning in life who controls his mind and moods

it creeps in when you fail to take choice

at right time and if delayed the choice will become the chance in execution

You feel, you think, you desire, you plan and you achieve

Thinking from body will give you daydreams

think through the mind and move your body to achieve the desires

thinking from periphery of mind cannot enforce the execution

think from the core of your mind that vibrates the whole of your persona

operate the environs to use for the targets you set

If you ever concentrate and act from the core you use every element of the nature for the targets you set for yourself

Prakash Rao Sunchu




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