Living Choice

Its deep in heart that felt repeatedly
about a being in time and space
that follow the laws of nature
Betwixt the stimulus and response
an inner being beyond space and time that can defy the nature and destiny
defines the state of being present and future

Choice lies before us at  every moment in life. If you don’t take it the chance will creep in with the nature as its weapon to chart the direction of life subordinating to the flow of nature

With choice in your hand
begin the passion to reach the destiny
Raise the motivation to be better
Unleash the talents required
That take the life towards evolution
pushing the human race ahead of the present existence

With Choice in hand identify your true being to be with your true self
That speaks some inner layers of the brain
Not aware by the normal awakening state
Awake to a state to be one with the universe
And one in everything

— Prakash Rao Sunchu

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