Inside realms

  A life that is limited betwixt birth and death Tortured by by physical and psychological desires Tossed between love, hate, excitement and disappointment Lives an animal life encircling the divine spirit Thou shall withdraw from everything That is yours you feel outside the finest realm Can be undone with shedding the sheaths Surrounding the… Continue reading Inside realms

Mortal Frame

Raised from elements inanimate Animates a thought and an emotion Lives this frame to the extent of deterioration To the penetrating refinement Life doth take limited time Racing itself to the ground In search of permanent vehicle of happiness That is stable through mass and space With a constancy of purpose Through birth to death… Continue reading Mortal Frame

Monotonous Life

Feeling repetetive and montotonous life chores People at differing wavelengths Keep making some thought waves That either repeat or duplicate the human conciousnes From the beginning of life And evolution through streams of reason Animal instincts has nothing more in majority Than satiating the insatiable carnal desire Exciting the nerves through emotions Without a hint… Continue reading Monotonous Life

Eternal Energy

the Sun, the Moon in the sky The flame and fire on earth Visible forces reflecting invisible energy Enervating the mass within As microcosm and macrocosm outside Invoke the energy inside Which is subtle in movement Turns physical in creation, development and destruction Awakens the impulse eternal That moves up and down the physical framework The… Continue reading Eternal Energy