What is Creation

Universe or Multiverse with its vastness of stretches form planets to galaxies and black holes with energy embedded in different forms of matter constantly changes its space and form through the time and space keeping the quantum intact

That energy when poured down to earth unto the oceans united the individual elements to bond into complex compounds of nitrogen,

Becoming more complex that hath turned into the amino acids,

Further in complexity evolved into a primitive form of living virus

In still more complexity, the proteins have turned into the living being thus bringing a transformation from inanimate to animated forms

The animated forms that synthesized the food from sun have stayed the forms that searched for food have turned into mobile beings

The beings evolved through millions of years into the homo erectus

The humans with thousands of years of civilization evolved into modern man

The modern man after the evolution from inanimate again seeking the matter at the cost of the pure energy lying within

The constant cosmic flow and pool of dynamic energy across the multiverse creates, operates and annihilates the living and nonliving on a cycle of balancing the equation

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