Sacred path to Inner Being


 Prakash Rao Sunchu

We confront with so many situations in day to day life right starting from getting awake to till we go to the bed. Every moment is to be absorbed and accommodated to our inner self which is the master of our life. If we do not sync all the activities with proper plan we enter into confrontation with every situation. It is the reason why we feel very comfortable when we start to the office and get disturbed in the traffic and various personal and professional encounters in daily life. Is there a way to keep every activity under our control and still maintain the absolute tranquility throughout the day and night? Yes it is and the answer is simple your self. The self is nothing but an inner thinking for solution to every stimulus reaching the body through the senses. This we may call the Inner Being, a subtle being within a physical framework.

 The expression of the personality to the external world is the manifestation of Inner being. The feelings, thoughts within everyone are generated through the stimulus response to make them understand the known world and the response to the stimulus from the mind is receiving the messages from the world not known.  This inner being is the source of all the feelings, thoughts and expressions. This is the beginning of the existence and it is the end of it.

 In normal way of life this is remote for awareness of the concrete and physical being. The question is what Inner Being is and how to reach it. If you concentrate on your body, your breath, your feelings, your thoughts you can reach your heart. With the heart keep the contemplation and concentration to reach your mind as the mind is the source of all the physical, physiological and psycho-somatic activities. If you cross the emotions from the heart you can reach the mind. The mind when concentrates on itself will reach the innermost layers of the brain awakening the dormant force of Inner Being. It depends on the layers of existence of human life from the Inner Being to the external persona that decides the command of choice and chance in the life. The more you are towards the core, the source and the beginning of your thought you are more successful in life. The Inner Being controls even the beginning and sustains the energy to complete as per the desire.

It is the more subtle layers of the mind every manifestation is visualized, planned, controlled and achieved. When this becomes the seat of Choice everything is clearly executed as per the desire. In the concrete layers of the flesh and its frame, the body and its organs, instinctive and involuntary action leads more to the chance of life and nature. At this level you have lesser choice to decide.  At this point mind turns inwards to concentrate on its own activities leaving the external stimulus to the body.

 This the Vedic philosophy calls as detachment. Here, the being is not passive but instead more active than ever. It operates on the known world equally as it searches for unknown past, present and future. It remembers the Past, Lives in the Present and Plans for the Future. The inner being when reached can connect to the source of all the beings that is existing as a flow or pool of cosmic energy where all the thoughts are stored and transmitted. The matter in the Universe has converted into energy, force and finally into a thought that led the control and organization of the existence levels below it. When a being is in connection with such Super thought or Being, it is elevated for absolute manifestation.

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