Lord Krishna’s Geetha – The State of Sthitapragna or Stable Mind

The State of Sthitapragna or Stable Mind


If you stop the vibrating mind you reach the highest and stable state. 53.2

Mind in its attachment to itself live in itself and the person with its state is called sthita pragna. Stable mind. 54. 2

He will not enjoy happiness, feel pain in unhappiness. He will not be affected by love, fear or anger. 56. 2

He who is in this state will have no passion, does not express any feeling n favorable or unfavorable conditions, he doesn’t have interest in friendship or enmity.  57.2

He will keep the senses for their own purpose and withdraw from all of their influences like a tortoise withdrawing its limbs into its shell. 58.2

Withdrawing from every feeling, his body needs no food unlike others who withdraw from passion but still have interest in urges. 59.2

unless one withdraws from the urges, its of no use withdrawing from senses physically. 60.2

Pragna will be stable when when you achieve equilibrium state with the Highest state of mind along with withdrawal of senses.   61.2

Author’s Comment: The stable mind will have more power for thinking; get more patience and will power to execute. Further, it withdraws from body and its urges. Urges create momentary excitement. But the Stable mind lives in absolute bliss.

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