Lord Krishna’s Geetha – Detached attachment or Karmayoga

Why detachment:

  • Krishna: The more you think of urges, the more you get attached to them. The more you are attached to them the desire increases and leads to frustration and anger. 62.2
  • The anger creates more passion leading to imbalance and destruction of logical mind. 63.2
  • The soul that lives in its original state though receiving stimulus does not interact or get affected by the senses and its subjects. 64.2
  • The withdrawn soul will be relieved from all the pains of life and stay in absolute sync with the ultimate. 65.2
  • Those who cannot control the senses, urges and passion cannot get the right feeling and peace and happiness. 66.2
  • As the boat is shaken with slightest wind, a slight interest in any of the senses destroys the balance of mind. 67.2
  • Hence the senses have to be withdrawn from the influence of their result and put them in absolute control to reach the state of equilibrium. 68.2

Comment: The primary objective of the mind is to live in eternal happiness and live in its pure state. The nature binds it to the body or forces it to think more of the stimulus and response.

When you are detached what happens:

  • When one reaches such a state of equilibrium, he will be awake when everyone is sleeping and he sleeps when everyone is awake in their life with senses it is a sleeping state for him. 69.2
  • He lives unaffected with all the enjoyment in life as the ocean is not disturbed by the incoming river waters and reaches the state of absolute happiness. 70.2
  • Without urges, desire, passion and ego, the person reaches the highest state of happiness which is eternal and permanent. 71.2
  • This state is called Eternal State and those who live and end their life with this state, they remain forever in the eternity. 72.2

Comment: In detachment of the mind you reach the state of absolute bliss and happiness in mind. But you need to hold the control of the body impulses. The only difference is henceforth you do every activity as per your will. The world moves as per your will as you direct it.

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