Lent: Purify your body, heart and Mind:



It’s good that there is an effort to strike a note on different practices and methodologies of world religions.

Take the history of religion through the evolution of civilization and identify the finest pathway that leads to the Highest State of Mind.

This is the State where you get capability to achieve everything in life and yet feel without desire.

The Lent in Christianity happens with fasting, prayer and alms giving will cleanse your body and heart.

This is the physical and psychological part of the human.

To cleanse your mind you need to live in mind and direct it to the purity of thought.

This requires an extensive effort of the individual through all the steps including the purification of the body (Physical Well Being), Heart ( emotions) and Mind (thoughts).

Thought is generated through the responses generated from breath. F breath is slowed down, thoughts will become slow. A point of convergence will come where the breath and thought will become one.

It is the beginning of the feeling and thinking. It is the beginning of the whole cosmos of living and non-living. Reaching out to this state is called realizing your self.

At this point you are both aware of your self and alert in stimulus response system of body and mind.

If one touches the Highest goal (self realization), rest will follow from the lower levels of existence (biological and psychological)


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