The Mind and its Journey

The journey begins with the external attachment of the mind and gradually explores into the deeper realms of its own.

When the journey reaches a point in mind where it assimilates everything is the true being.

This Being what we can call and Inner being is the beginning and end of the journey.

As the Greek Goddess has spoken with Parmenides of Elia in Fifth Century BC, there are no two paths for the human being.

Everyone is on the Journey with only difference of achievement in becoming it.

The goddess says that the third path which tracks both is impossible.

For the fact, it is the true and permanent way to reach the Being or Inner Being or the beginning of thought.

As the timing goes, the Hindu Philosophy in this direction is already an evolved one in at least three sets of knowledge ( Bhagavat Geeta, Upanishads and Bramha Sutras ) called prasthanatraya or a journey “Unto Eternity”.

They have explained about both the Eternity and a path to its journey instead of complicating with any gods and goddesses as is done in Greek Philosophy.



photo courtesy: Google images

In simple terms,  the Mind creates and destroys everything in nature and it is the beginning and the end of a life or Universe.

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