Meditation, Tantra and Osho



We need to look at meditation as we need to focus. We need to focus from the start of your thinking. The thinking starts from mind and not through body and sex.


The beginning of feeling and thought is the basis of all actions in life. The mind can control the body and not the vice versa.   



If you are at the periphery you cannot direct the center and if you are at the center you can direct the periphery.



Sex or libido is the basic form of energy that is expressed with instinct and not with logic.


The entire Hindu philosophy speaks about channeling this basic energy into a more subtle form.


Subtle energy is more powerful than sex energy to control the body it possesses.


Sex energy becomes uncontrollable in indulgence and finally reaching the level of animal instincts.  


Further, sex energy influences more of the body than mind.  Subtle energy influences mind and through mind, the body.  


To think of sex more is retrogressive evolution of human life because it results in indulgence more than evolution. 


Inner oneness can be achieved through mind and not through the body. 



This is the reason why Tantra has been considered in Hindu spiritualism as the mean practice of achieving salvation.


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In tantrik sex if you don’t practice the upward journey of energy in sexual act you fall in abyss of indulgence which is difficult to rise again.

Osho says that the mind to dissolve in heart. It is the other way round. The heart to dissolve in mind and mind into space.

He says thinking and feeling are different. Thinking and feeling are not different but they are on after the other in a sequence.

Journey to the core of the being happens only with the merging of feeling with thinking

Remaining at the beginning will take lead no where. You have to ascend from the beginning at the bottom to the end at the top and into the mind to merge the feeling with thinking and beyond.

Being in communion all the time is impractical and you cannot reach the goal. Sexual communion helps you to be aware of the beginning and it needs an effort to reach the end. This end is possible when you disconnect from the feeling and reach thinking and beyond either in the communion or without communion.

It is for this reason the Hindu rishis adopted the method of meditation to reach the core.

You can reach the infinite cosmic energy more easily through mind and not through body and sex.

Samadhi is achieved in mind and through the mind itself more easily instead of sex.

That is the reason why Tantra has become a dark practice and almost extinct with few exceptional secret practices.

But definitely for a normal being with more animal instincts this could be the beginning of spiritual evolution provided he is under the correct guide.



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