Health through Nature’s Way

In seven of the dimensions I used for better framework of life ( Health, Education & Skill, Career, Finance, Relationships, lifestyle and philosophy), it is Health which takes the prime place.

Further, the natural diet in required quantities is of immense help.

Read about the suggestions of renowned food scientist Sir Robert Mc Carrisson.

Sri. S.R jindal from Bangalore has suggested the mono diet with foods like, papaya, banana, apple, skimmed milk, buttermilk and the prepared soya milk at home.

There should be widespread awareness campaigns for the importance of natural food and personal Health Management on a daily basis.

My experiences with some foods and drugs:

I take one fruit of unripe guava sometimes in the afternoon skipping the lunch. Believe it! you don’t feel hungry or weak till night. It reduces the Carbon craving.

I experienced the same bliss with a small cup of unpolished rice in the afternoon lunch.

Polished rice is very dangerous for the people above 50 or diabetics. Avoid completely. If you avoid rice during night you feel very light in the morning.

A cup of oats have become a staple breakfast for me for the last 5 years. This will control the hunger for 5 hours up to lunch.

A spoon full Chia seeds soaked for half an hour will help a great deal in reducing the carbon requirement if taken in the morning.

One KM walk coupled with 15 minutes asanas, 15 minutes pranayama, and 30 minutes meditation make you lively throughout the day.

Last but not the least; I have cured 90 percent of ailments through Homeopathic drugs from 1991 till today. From cold to the complex retinopathy we have homeo drugs for treatment. The drug relieves within 15 minutes of intake in acute diseases. In chronic diseases you need a course. The modern diagnostic tools are of immense use in treatment. For information, I am not a professional homeopath.  Hear of the saying” old patient is better than new doctor”. Then believe me.

Take the support of Ayurveda for prevention of diseases and keeping the balance of body requirements.

Allopathic drugs and treatment are required in cases where there is an emergency like accidents, uncontrollable acute ailments, surgical requirements and exceptional medical problems Practice integrated medicine treatment with professionals for your well being.


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Be Healthy and Be Happy!

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