The God – A feeling or a reality

In 1983 I was studying philosophical foundations of Education in my  Bachelor of Education Classroom.

The lecturer was speaking about the idealism and God and there were some questions from students.

One of the students has commented on God saying” Why people take so much importance on God, which is just a three letter word and waited for lecturer to comment.

The lecturer has looked at students for a possible answer. I ventured to answer this question.

In the hall with 150 students, I asked some of the following questions to the student who has commented as above.

My Question: Do you Love your Mother?

Student: Yes

My Question: Do you Love your father?

Student: Yes

My Question: What is love?

Student: It is a feeling

My Comment: Then God is also a feeling. If you feel that there is God, you have God and if don’t feel it there is no God for you.

Student: Do we require feeling for God

My answer: It is up to you to decide whether you need a target in life with higher evolution or stay where you are. God is an ideal or concept or some great legend in history for people to follow, imitate and achieve.


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Is God a reality?

To be Continued …

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