The Mind – its alertness and awareness

A Comment in response to Sri. Jaggi Vasudev’s Article: There is no such thing as mental awareness on

This is more of jugglery of words than unfolding a concept. Let me give my ideas on this.

Alertness and awareness are the functions of the same mind. When are alert you can be awake and aware.

Both of these help to survive at the level of their evolution of mind.

The mind and awareness are not different. The mind in its function keeps all the senses aware.

Human divides and tries to integrate into a coherent whole.

We cannot explain the integration without division.

There is no barrier between the being and its experience and the only difference is his level of awareness of his existence.

The human awareness has created a whole world around him and obliterating the whole existence because of his wrong deeds.

The intensity of mental awareness in every individual creates different levels of his existence as per the degree of evolution of mind.

We, the beings, be it an animal, primitive being or the most aware being are not already blossomed.

With our effort towards awareness of mind we are opening up the experience of new existence levels.

Finally there is One Energy that acts both as awareness and a force across the frame of Universe.



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