Mind Expedition to Mount Kailas



Hindu and Buddhist believers believe in the expedition to ManasSarovar as the ultimate goal of philosophical journey.

It is believed that they can see the Mount Kailas, the abode of Shiva for purification of the body and soul.

It is undoubtedly one of the finest travels of lifetime to reach the Mount Kailas and have a dip in Manassarovar lake where Shiva and Parvathi is believed to be alive and meditating even today.

People also visit Saptarshi Cave where the Seven Rishis also took to penance in the nearby area with the guidance of Shiva and Parvathi.

These all seem to be practically possible as the Himalayan Mountains always supported the penance because of their vast ranges and heights.

It is a common experience of deeper meditation levels for every spiritual individual who visits a temple in the mountain top or roams in the mountain ranges.

Every such individual reaches the pinnacle of Mind leaving fewer stimuli to the body feelings or attachments.

The single mountain or small mountain ranges have a limited meditative experience compared to the vast Himalayan ranges as the Being constantly lives in the mInd when he traverses the ranges.

Furthermore, the Himalayan ranges and Mount Kailas give an isolated experience with the sense of detachment.

Probably, this is the reason every Hindu Saint or Sage or Buddhist Monks have attracted towards Himalayas for their penance.

The concentration and living in the mind improves manifold in the mountain ranges.

The inner meaning of all this is the Mind Expedition. One needs to travel through the bottom of the Spinal Cord (the lower end) to the top (the upper end).

In Tantric Parlance, it is called Shatchakra Sadhana travelling from the animal instincts at the base, through the human passion and the divine intuition at the top of the Mind.

Once reaching at the top, the state should be maintained as long as one continues in the physical body.

The purpose of travelling to Mount Kailash is not to see the scenic beauty or feel a bit of Spiritual Experience.

But the purpose is to attain a permanent state of Mind Evolution to its peak and live forever in that state.

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