The gate of birth and death: Can we control the death?


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It is an established fact that the mind is the supreme entity in the body which controls everything including physical, psychological and physiological activities. It is known that the mind controls all the voluntary activities externally and we are able to move the external body parts at our will. It is little known and even if it is known, the human mind is not aware of its capacity to even control the internal parts of the body which are involuntary in their operation. They are involuntary because they are programmed by the Mind to do the task. If the body follows the mind for its upkeep most of the diseases would not be of any significance as they can be warded off much before the onslaught.

When we keep thinking of the origins of feelings and thought it leads definitively to some unknown location in the Mind. The ancient Hindu Rishis and Saints have clearly identified the pathway of stimulus response in the body and expressed through a system of symbolic figures of 7 Chakras. They are Muladhara at the base of the Spinal Chord and others like Swadhistana at the point of reproductive organs, Manipura at the stomach, Anahata located parallel to the heart, Vishuddhi located in the area of throat, Agna at the forehead and Sahasrara at the top of the Spinal Chord. These are the Spinal Ganglion with varied neural extensions to the body parts at the respective places and arousing various instincts, emotions, feelings and thoughts.

If we take the discussion further into the beginning of life we can understand that it is the Mind which started its operations for the physical organism. The beginning as we see will be the all encompassing Sahasrara with many neural ramifications. It is the place at the topmost point in the Spinal Chord. At the point of death it is the area through which the life tries to leave the body or there could be a possibility of ceasing itself at the brain.

The difference between various levels of existence and awareness in living and human beings, the life ceases at various points in the spinal chord which takes the form of material, physical, psychological or Spiritual nature at the end of the life. There is a story in Vishnu Purana of Hindu mythology saying that few of the persons are chosen to continue the life at the end of the world and will begin the life when the delusion settles. That may be a symbolic statement for the spiritual progress of the people. But the actual fact is the living being or human at the time of death can choose to be at which level they want to end the life. This depends on the Physical, mental and spiritual practices prescribed by ancient Hindu Saints through their experiences.

Every individual at the beginning of his awareness should start and continue the spiritual evolution as the death is inevitable end that everyone has to face. It needs a preparation to face the same. The preparation of awareness starts from the base of the spinal chord and when it reached the top one reaches the gate between birth and death. At this point the life and death is at the will of the living being. It is the will of the individual being whether to be with the core mass of the universe or merge with the inanimate, physical realms.

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