From unknown to known being


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In the beginning of the formation of living from the non-living, it happened that the energy which is static energy into the dynamic and subsequently the primordial living being.

It all happened with the complex bonding of the essential elements required for the evolution of a living being.

The single cell living being thus formed with the favor of the nature supporting it has metamorphosed into a complex multicellular being and further into a thinking human being.

The mind evolved in the evolution of being such that it can handle the complex organism in its varying degree of physical, physiological, social functions.

The mind further has created a framework of spiritual reality to live beyond the perceptive reality.

The energy that could not think, will and act to reach the chosen destiny has evolved into the sophisticated mind.

Every living activity hitherto unknown to the core of the energy in the living being has become known through the evolution of mind.

The Mind which is searching a reality beyond the physical entities of space and time or spacetime is trying to evolve a framework to fit the happenings on the earth, space and the universe.

The Mind which is the controlling center of the human being is now thinking beyond the control of its own existence and moving ahead into the social awareness and the awareness that corresponds to the nature and its elements.

The Mind is trying to grab the knowledge and experience of the world, nature, space, cosmic bodies like planets, solar system, galaxies and the multiverses.

The Mind turned externally could get all the support from the nature if subordinated to it. The Mind that turned internally to reach the point of its existence could connect to the Unified Being at the similar existence level and network with the energy and matter around it.

The Mind thus evolved into a free will has the capacity to choose its own destiny to exist or perish the matter around it at its own will.

Thus evolution of matter what we think is only the increasing complexity of nature and engulfing the human into the unknown slavery of destruction.

If the human being to survive on the matter, it is not necessary but mandatory to turn inwards and reach the inner source or Being or existence and be with it always.

At this spot nothing influences the Mind and it can influence everything around through physical and spiritual planes.

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