Science and Spirituality


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The history of human thought has seen a long battle between religion and science through their beliefs and facts.

There has been never an effort is made to see the view point of other to understand the similarities and contradictions.

In a way the science has turned too dogmatic in their own predictions and belief systems.

Science through its discovery of the underlying principles, laws of phenomena can as well could have modified the philosophical thought at every phase of human history and dispel the blind belief systems existing at each moment.

But instead it always tried to run a parallel and antognostic system that corroborates the belief of mass population.

The belief and the facts are so innate in nature of the human being and could easily be balanced.

Belief is something people feel and depend heavily on their daily activities without any rationale behind it. Because, it is to be in that way. The fact is something which seeks thinking and logical action for use.

The thinking mind of living being always was insecure in various confronting situation of survival. This led to the belief of a Being above the normal capabilities to support in terms of crisis.

The evolutionary gap between various levels of human existence has become the foundation for confrontation in their belief systems. This has become the base for variation in the religious theories and teaching.

The ritualistic practice of the religion for thousands of years has led to the stagnation of human mind losing its reason into the effortless habit of continuance of existence.

Let us understand the relationship of the science and philosophy in understanding the God.

Science, with all its discovery explain that the nature or the universe has created itself and sustaining with the laws made by itself. On the contrary, the religious philosophy speaks of a Super Being in the Universe who is the cause and effect in the Universe.

Though both the above arguments seem contradictory, is there any difference in their concepts if you look at other angle. Why can’t we call the nature or the Universe sustaining with its own laws as the God?

The human mind has evolved out of millions of years of evolution of living being to become an architect of the world what we are seeing.

Similar way, the billions of years of the existence of this Universe could have created a cumulative Super Intelligence that is maintaining every law in the Universe and this we may call as the God.

As there is no scientific explanation for many of the phenomena in the nature, it is better to take the shelter of the philosophy till the old hypothesis is replaced with reasonable and factual explanation.

The science can make an effort to support or disprove the religious belief systems and build a rational around the human thinking instead of always confronting with it.

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