Greed and Selfishness – How to reduce it?



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Greed of matter or money is ruling the world through corruption and looting.

It is becoming the cause of increasing gap between the rich and the poor among the societies and the countries.

Increased selfishness among the world is making the individual more shrinking in his self and thus getting disconnected from the world around.

The expansion of the self against the matter is of paramount importance to reduce the incidence of hatred among different groups in society.

If neglected, the social conflict will increase to the level of total confrontation.

The greed with its deeper connections with all the negative tendencies of the human being will destroy the positive fibre among the social groups.

The change in the human character can be brought about only by the religious teachings.

Unfortunately, the religion since the ages has become the basis of confrontation because of the varying existing levels of human mind and their concepts.

Instead of looking at the negative side of the other religion people should learn the positive things that are common in every religion.

In the mean time, the evolution of science since its beginning is trying to uproot the thoughts of religion.

The science should try to give the logical explanation for the religious thoughts wherever the facts coincide with the hypothesis.

With all the efforts of the great philosophers of the ages and the geographical locations around the world, the greed of the individual and subsequently the division among the human communities continued.

Every sage or saint in the human history has made an effort to make the individual a positive character through their teachings.

Every religion in the effort of transforming the individual has created dogmatic belief systems which are insignificant in religion and turned very detrimental to the social harmony.

The time for the human being has come to discern the best practices of the philosophy that are ultimate for the evolution and eternity instead of material comforts.

The mind is the cause of creation and destruction as well. It is the mind that needs to be refined by understanding its own functioning.

The free will residing at the center of the mind should be awakened to dominate the physical matter including the body.

The nearer one reaches the center of the mind the better the one recognizes its power and comfort of Inner Being and enjoys the bliss of tranquility with power of command.

The power of Mind over matter can go a long way in decreasing the greed of the individual self  thus enhancing the harmony among human society. The human when idenitifed expands in the direction of welfare of the humanity and as a networked individual.

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