Why belief is powerful



photo courtesy: loveliveandlaugh.com

We see the belief systems are running through the ages. All the logic an science consistently not successful in eradicating even a false belief.

What is the reason the belief has become so strong through generations in all religions.

Why the people are comfortable in believing an external force beyond their imagination.

Because, it is the easiest way to do it. In believing the individual is comfortable in  leaving his future in the hands of unknown.

People are resistant to change and evolution and always enjoyed the status quo in the life.

They feel ease in following which is already followed and does not want to strain their body and mind for new discoveries and dimensions of life.

Wherefrom the belief arise?

They arise from the deep psychic realities through constant environmental reinforcements.

Is there any advantage of the belief?

There is a strong advantage in the belief systems and hence they are surviving.

Every individual in one instance or the other must have experienced a unique incident in life which turns into a belief.

The belief if strong turns the vision into a reality as it is seated in the core of our mind and vibrates the complete being to realize the belief into a reality.

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