The Matter, the Energy, the Mind and the God:


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The quantum of the matter and the energy inside the matter is constant whether compressed as dense ball at the beginning of the Universe or in its expanding.

It is true that the basic truth in the Universe is same since its beginning and it never changes.

What changed is the evolution of consciousness through the complex patterns of matter and functional complexities of energy.

The level of consciousness depends on the collective expression of complex functions of the Mind.

The perceptual ability of the individual living consciousness emerges out of the varied existence levels.

The existence levels define the evolution of being from thinking mind to creative, organization mind and further obliterating its own existence to create a new form.

The singular entity crossing all the perceptions always tries to understand, reach its absolute source.

The Consciousness across the space and time is one single and ultimate entity that never changes. This you may call it as GOD.

The individual consciousness once reaching the source, tries relentlessly to extend, expand the existence of available source.

The path is getting absolute consciousness is revealed from thousands of years through several elevated individuals in the human form.

The diversity of perception and thought is due to the lower levels of existence and the increased bondage of the mind to the matter and body.

Every individual human needs to awaken their mind and live in it instead of living and directed by the body.

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