The Story of human evolution and conflict:


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The history of mankind from the prehistoric days to the present day modern society signifies a singular truth that is Survival Instinct.

The prehistoric man in difficult whether and environmental conditions has learnt to fight adapt to the nature.

As the evolution grew, the faculties for intellectual, emotional, professional and social grew as per the situations around.

The intellectual growth has given birth to many tools of gradual evolution that helped man in his dominance over the less intelligent peers.

When he adapted to the nature and started dominating the animal world, then started the confrontation with own species through the confrontation of different levels of emotions arising out of improved physiological reactions.

The domination among one individual over other is primarily on the supremacy of thought process which is haunting even today with varied religious and philosophical leadership.

The intellectual and emotional maturities coupled with physical instincts of the animal nature have continued to grow in community and social phenomena.

When understanding the ultimate purpose of human life the thought has grown beyond emotions and social instincts and promulgated the greater theories for life including spirituality.

The very different in thought process of religions stem from the differing existence levels and thinking patterns of humans surviving in various strata of intellectual, emotional and social life.

Now it is the time in the history of human being to understand a common underlying principle of the human thought on its survival and extinction in the context of the larger panorama of Universe.

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