Truth, Belief and Action in Life

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The purpose of the philosophy or religion is to understand the absolute truth in its very essence across the visible Universe.

Once the absolute truth of life and death or the force across the Universe is understood, the positive and powerful belief systems are formed.

Without this understanding if one takes the journey either with the strength or weakness, it is bound to be retrogressive in result.

But unfortunately, even after thousands of years and with all the scientific development, the absolute truth is still not understood or elusive to the common man.

There is a need to intricately weave the search for absolute truth and the action for the real life which is done rarely in human history.

We see such an action packed philosophy and life with Sri Krishna in Hindu mythology.

As we continue our life journey through the search for absolute we see lot of intermediary truths cleared on the way and help us in the final state of evolution.

The mental maturity depends on the level of clarity on the absolute truth and further belief systems based on these levels.

Action should not be haphazard as most of the people resort to. It is dependant on clear path of destiny every individual has created or to create for himself.

Once we are on the right path, the force inside will give us strength and guide us through the path.

Detachment is for the mind to keep itself out of the body influences and not letting the needed action to leave.

God or the Cosmic Force will be with us when you realize what God is and your relation with the God.

Else, the forces of nature will take control of our life and be subjected to chance in the game of survival.

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