The existence of Mind beyond the body:



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The indestructible and indivisible is distinct from body but it is in the Mind one realizes this.

Intellect is the expression of the Mind.

Scientist is also a sage in the external discovery of nature and its constituents. The world outside is a macrocosm and cannot be fathomed.

The world inside a being is a microcosm that can be realized through inner journey of being.

We can explain more of the intangible and indestructible element of the Universe with quantum physics.

The realization of the indivisible form within the divisible is all the journey of life.

Action is that which is required for the existence of the body either for isolated or connected.

The attachment to the Action is the attachment of the Mind to the body. The action to be detached should be either mere existence or for others existence.

Life is a journey from the physical existence to the eternal existence; from body outside to the Mind within.

Joy and Pain are not for the elevated souls who are in the path of eternal evolution.

The devotee with belief accepts his life as divine grace. In reality, one needs to architect his own journey with chosen elements.

Belief is for the beginners and choice for the evolved. The knower walks with Choice and aware of his result. The devotee is unaware of the result and left to the Chance of survival.

Vedas constantly prescribed action and stated that inaction leads to the purposeless existence.

One needs to take a decisive choice to reach the eternal existence with detached action.

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