Journey unto the Eternity



The Sensation from within the being that it is something different from the perception is the cause of the beginning and the end of this body.

The pulse in the hear generates from the Inner Being and pushes the circulation of blood through the arteries and veins to support the oxygen.

Every morning at the time of awakening, we tend to be with the body and mind is becoming slowly alert and aware.

The Inner Being which is dormant during the night will spread its energy through the immobile body to make it active once again.

The life bristling with activity during the day is due to the level of energy circulated in the morning across the nerves.

The sensations if withdrawn from their activity, the Inner Being awakens to control the whole of the subtle, psychic and physical being with alignment.

In otherwise situations, the gross or the mortal body dominate your senses to submerge the Inner Being.

At night, the inactive state of physical body keeps the Inner Being in a state of dormancy.

The Inner Being when detached from the manifestation of body and mind becomes one with the Cosmic Source, and turn into an eternal continuity.

It is a constant practice since the ages to turn the senses inwards thorugh Yoga and attain the status of absolute being and Immortal.

All the ancient seers and saints have thought of this unique pathway through various degrees of practice.

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