The Mind and its world



Photo courtesy: unknown website

The dwelling of the mind on body sensations all the time

Give a fillip to the urges of the temporal

Since the beginning of the day it seeks a gratification

Out of every scene and search in the fabric of social networks


When the mind reaches and lives in its own world

It seeks the center of its own being which we call Inner Being

The reach of Inner Being is not as difficult as to live in it

Constantly be aware of the connections the mind has on reaching its senses


The awareness of the mind in itself will force it to live in itself

The stability to stay at the source is an ability to withdraw from its senses

The senses can well be controlled with the mind at its center

It needs a constant centripetal vibration of all the senses to submerge in their genesis


The highest vibration makes it stable at the center of the source

The source which is beyond the mind and the breath

Is connected to the energy across in its ethereal form

That which can begin the evolution and end it


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