Life is an Illusion

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The voice of the absolute is heard in the Inner Voice of the evolved soul and not the vice versa.

Conditioning the mind controls the emotions instead of disturbing them. Instead there is no concept of conditioning and it is the finite nature of the mind that fits and aligns with the gross elements of the body.

Consciousness of the Universe operates in continuity throughout all beings and ages.

The rebirth is only the similarity of some traits of one being in similarity with the other.

Cosmic, collective and individual consciousness is one unending continuity in the form of energy and force.

If you reach the core consciousness, you can dictate all the levels of existence.

The relative mind when reaches its core becomes one with the absolute and can comprehend everything below.

There is no singular force behind the existence of this Universe, but the force operating from within the material Universe is one which is connected.

Life in physical form is not an illusion and instead a stage in the ladder of spiritual evolution.

The illusion is created by the mind in the relation with the physical matter.

When the individual is connected to the lower levels of existence, he is bound by all the material connections.

The quantum of energy is same in the Universe. It is neither created nor destroyed and only changes the form through state and matter.

When an individual is not certain of his life, the uncertainty prevails upon his existence.

The Being can align with the Universe only through a state of reaching the Inner Being and cannot be through the induced states or dreams.

The absolute Consciousness is the one which is evolved out of the finite Consciousness through the ages of practice and connectivity.

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