Reincarnation: A belief or a Reality:

photo courtesy: The similar life experiences are felt by many of the people in different dimensions and levels. The Reincarnation of a particular soul in a particular form is not a possibility. The indestructible quantum of energy in the Universe is single whole with varying levels of existence and states. These cycles through the… Continue reading Reincarnation: A belief or a Reality:

The Existence of God

photo courtesy: Both Krishna, Jesus, Buddha, Mahavira and all the religious legends have explained the Ultimate reality in the Universe. Their explanation for the purpose of Human existence and his journey spirituality has difference. The Bhagavath Gita, which is considered to be thought of Krishna explains the path from animal instincts to divine intuition in… Continue reading The Existence of God

Mahavira (599-627 BCE) – His philosophy and teachings

A Tribute to His Jayanthi on April, 2nd 2015: It is illuminating to remember the great legends like Sri Mahavira in the history of civilization and philosophical thought. Thanks for the teachings of Sri Mahavira. His teachings have become the foundations for Jain religion. Find the glimpse of Cosmos in the words of a Jain… Continue reading Mahavira (599-627 BCE) – His philosophy and teachings

Health through Nature’s Way

In seven of the dimensions I used for better framework of life ( Health, Education & Skill, Career, Finance, Relationships, lifestyle and philosophy), it is Health which takes the prime place. Further, the natural diet in required quantities is of immense help. Read about the suggestions of renowned food scientist Sir Robert Mc Carrisson. Sri.… Continue reading Health through Nature’s Way