Cosmic energy continuum

Photo Courtesy: The Sun, the Moon in the sky The flame and fire on earth Visible forces reflecting invisible energy Enervating the mass within As microcosm and macrocosm outside Invoke the energy inside Which is subtle in movement Turns physical in creation, development and destruction Awakens the impulse eternal That moves up and down the… Continue reading Cosmic energy continuum

The existence of Mind beyond the body:

  Photo Courtesy: The indestructible and indivisible is distinct from body but it is in the Mind one realizes this. Intellect is the expression of the Mind. Scientist is also a sage in the external discovery of nature and its constituents. The world outside is a macrocosm and cannot be fathomed. The world inside a… Continue reading The existence of Mind beyond the body:

Truth, Belief and Action in Life

Photo Courtesy:   The purpose of the philosophy or religion is to understand the absolute truth in its very essence across the visible Universe. Once the absolute truth of life and death or the force across the Universe is understood, the positive and powerful belief systems are formed. Without this understanding if one takes the… Continue reading Truth, Belief and Action in Life

The Story of human evolution and conflict:

Photo Courtesy: The history of mankind from the prehistoric days to the present day modern society signifies a singular truth that is Survival Instinct. The prehistoric man in difficult whether and environmental conditions has learnt to fight adapt to the nature. As the evolution grew, the faculties for intellectual, emotional, professional and social grew… Continue reading The Story of human evolution and conflict:

The Matter, the Energy, the Mind and the God:

Photo courtesy: The quantum of the matter and the energy inside the matter is constant whether compressed as dense ball at the beginning of the Universe or in its expanding. It is true that the basic truth in the Universe is same since its beginning and it never changes. What changed is the evolution… Continue reading The Matter, the Energy, the Mind and the God:

Greed and Selfishness – How to reduce it?

  Photo Courtesy: Greed of matter or money is ruling the world through corruption and looting. It is becoming the cause of increasing gap between the rich and the poor among the societies and the countries. Increased selfishness among the world is making the individual more shrinking in his self and thus getting disconnected… Continue reading Greed and Selfishness – How to reduce it?

From unknown to known being

Photo Curtesy: In the beginning of the formation of living from the non-living, it happened that the energy which is static energy into the dynamic and subsequently the primordial living being. It all happened with the complex bonding of the essential elements required for the evolution of a living being. The single cell living… Continue reading From unknown to known being